“I Know It Sounds Cliché, but It Really Is Stunning from Every Angle”

This photo came about through two of my hobbies, photography and rock climbing. My friends and I left Perth after work on a Friday evening and drove up to Kalbarri National Park. We slept in the back of our car and at first light walked into the gorge to go climbing.

This photo was taken on a wall called ‘The Promenade’. I had been through this gorge before on a school camp, but upon my return the most surprising thing to me was the beauty of the landscape. I know it sounds cliché, but it really is stunning from every angle.

The climber in the photo is a friend of mine, Marc. I remember perching on a large fallen boulder to the right of the wall and taking a few shots of Marc climbing. It’s funny to think that in that moment, he is oblivious to all of the beauty and tranquillity of the place that surrounds him. All that he is focusing on is his next move and clipping a rope to safety. Looking back on this memory makes me want to go back and take more photos of those beautiful surroundings.

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