“I Went in for a Snorkel and Ended up Relaxing in the Shallows”

I visited Rottnest Island with some friends on a Saturday. After a big morning riding around the island exploring we settled into our accommodation. Everyone was exhausted and decided to rest, but I chose to keep exploring.

Just outside our accommodation I found a place called Bathurst Point, which has one of the two lighthouses on Rottnest Island. I grabbed my underwater camera, went in for a snorkel and ended up relaxing in the shallows where I took this photo.

The clarity of the water was a pleasant surprise. I have done a lot of diving around Western Australia and Rottnest Island is definitely one of the best places for a clear snorkel. The other thing that surprised me was the amount of marine life so close to the shallows. It was a great experience, and I’m glad I kept exploring that afternoon.

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