Lorna Hendry was a graphic designer until she unplugged herself from the computer and took off to travel around Australia with her husband and two young sons. What was meant to be a one‐year camping trip turned into a three‐year adventure, including 18 months living and working in the Kimberley. Her travel memoir, Wrong Way Round, was published in 2015. Lorna is now working as a freelance writer and editor and can’t wait until her kids leave home so that she can return to the Kimberley.

Lorna’s stories

Feature An In Depth Perspective Purnululu National Park – Fly or Hike?

Home of the Bungle Bungle Range, the Purnululu National Park was a highlight of Lorna Hendry’s family adventure through the Kimberley. This ancient place known to the Kija people for thousands of years was virtually unknown to the outside world until 1983, Lorna says it’s now a must-see Australian icon.