Sue Wallace is an independent travel writer and editor with a passion for life's lesser-known stories.

Sue's travels around Western Australia's Kimberley region usually end beneath an inky black sky studded with bright stars, and among the finer things in life. Her Kimberley highlights include sipping champagne in an outdoor ensuite at the Berkeley River Lodge.

"As I laze back gazing up at the canopy of stars, the vastness of the universe almost overwhelms me, just like the landscape. It’s the kaleidoscope of colours – azure waters, red cliffs, white sand and blue skies – that seduces you".

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Feature An In Depth Perspective Chasing stars in Broome

To see the universe in all its enormity, you need to peer through the lens of a telescope. And an unforgettable place to do it is among the surrounds and stillness of the Kimberley, and with 300 billion stars above. Guide Greg Quicke shows you how.