Quick Read: Bays, Beaches and Sting Rays in the Margaret River Region

British TV presenter, nature lover and walking enthusiast Julia Bradbury gets to grips with Margaret River’s epic coastal scenery and friendly local string rays.

When you ask anyone what they think of when you mention Western Australia, I’m certain the epic beaches will be right up there.  On the day I arrived in the Margaret River region after a 3.5 hour drive south from Perth, I went straight to the beach at Redgate where we were staying for a few days.  I was completely blown away, azure waves crashed dramatically over granite boulders and the sun was shining on the rolling untamed terrain.

After a gentle scramble over some rocks (there is also a track) the main event opens up before you; a huge stretch of golden sand matched complete with picture perfect surfers and waves rolling in. It’s worth mentioning, I was sharing the beach with three people! Anywhere else in the world, with such striking scenery, you would be fighting for towel space. It was a beautiful Western Australia welcome.

Another stand-out beach experience was swimming with the stingrays in Hamelin Bay. Hamelin is one of the best places in Australia to spot wild rays up close. The gentle and friendly, yet completely wild sting ray population that live in the bay were completely unafraid of us wading into the water and paddling with them!

Stingrays at Hemelin Bay


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