Soaked in Sunsets – WA’s Best and Where to Find Them

Is Western Australia Australia’s top state to catch a sunset? You decide.

While it may not be backed by hard science, there’s a few solid reasons to think so. One might be the fact that, unlike the east coast, the sun sets over the ocean in the west, transforming not only the sky but the water from pastel silvery blue to deep indigo. Maybe it’s the fact they’re so frequently breathtaking with vivid orange and pinks that paint not just the horizon but the whole sky, so it’s visible from pretty much anywhere. Either way, watching a sunset in WA is a completely new experience every time, which is why Western Australia’s sunsets shouldn’t be missed.

To see a WA sunset at its very best, try one of these vantage points:

Ningaloo Station

A trip up to Ningaloo Station is worth every kilometre driven along the salmon pink strip to reach its untouched wilderness. Land on a near-deserted beach (minus other campers) to find the sunset over a never-ending horizon, viewed either up in the dunes or down below on the shore.

Canal Rocks, Yallingup

Big swells crashing against rocks and clouds of sea foam make the boardwalk at Canal Rocks a breathtaking spot to catch a sunset.

Coral Bay

Sunny all year round, Coral Bay’s orange sunsets are sometimes doubled with the reflection of the water creating a mirror on the shore that reflects the whole sky.

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King George Falls

Like a scene from the Lion King, when the clouds open up and streams of light bathe the majestic King George River, it’s a sunset that you’ll likely never forget.

Cable Beach, Broome

Live out the quintessential Australian postcard dream at Cable Beach. It’s almost always a bright-orange sunset and you’ll likely see silhouettes of camels carrying tourists single file along the beach to complete the scene.

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Nature's window, Kalbarri

The breathtaking Nature’s Window at Kalbarri features layered red rock that’s been eroded by wind to create a porthole that frames a view of the Murchison River. It’s the ideal vantage point to catch a dramatic view of the sunset, and there’s also plenty of flat surfaces to whip out a picnic blanket; BYO beers, wine and snacks for the show.

Kings Park Botanic Gardens, Perth

The largest inner-city park in the world, Kings Park boasts the best views of Perth City and a metropolitan view of the sunset. Surrounded by native Australian gardens and plenty of spots to post up for a picnic, Kings Park is the ideal way to spend an afternoon.

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With water that’s crystal blue for miles and sunset skies that turn magenta pink, yellow and orange, catching a sunset after a warm blue day in Esperance is like the rainbow-coloured icing on an already excellent cake — a must-visit for anyone travelling WA.


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Civic Gardens, Cottesloe, Perth

While it’s hard to perch yourself in a bad spot for sunset at Cottesloe, the Civic Gardens might be the ultimate place, with cascading gardens and BBQ areas that offer stunning views of Cottesloe beach framed by Norfolk pines and immaculately-kept gardens.

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Eco Beach, the Kimberly

For those looking for barefoot luxury, Eco Beach is an eco-resort that boasts an entirely private sunset for those glamping or walking on the beach front, and they’re often breathtaking.

Thompson Bay, Rottnest Island

When you’re living island-life, watching the sunset is a way of life and while you can’t go wrong anywhere on Rottnest — Thompson Bay might be one of the dreamiest places to catch it. On a still summer’s day, the sound of moored boats gently rocking with the current, warm air and holiday vibes in the bay are just magical — the perfect spot to see the day off.

Surfers Point, Margaret River

Surrounded with beautiful art, a large carpark and a BBQ area shaped like the shells you’ll find on the beach, Surfers Point is a built-up spot to catch a sunset when you want to have an easy picnic or a BBQ.


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