“There Were Schools of Gigantic Shimmering Fish Swimming below Me”

After a dip in the Indian Ocean I couldn’t wait to kick back – barefoot and salty skinned – on the deck of our luxury Catamaran in the stunning Houtman Abrolhos Islands.

There was literally not another boat in sight, just the white beach in front of me, the crystal clear blue water around me and schools of gigantic shimmering fish swimming below me.

We spent the day here in this remote bay in the Abrolhos’s Wallabi Group of Islands. The only time I left this prime spot at the front of the boat was to snorkel around the coral reef, which fringes most of the islands there making it almost impossible for larger cruise ships to get into these bays.

There are so many incredible natural wonders to explore there but at this moment I was content simply soaking in the absolute isolation and soul warming sun.

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