“Where Nature and Humans Can Interact”

My favourite thing about Bunbury is the amazing dolphin population, especially in summer when they all gather in Koombana Bay for mating season. I am constantly trying to swim with them and photograph them. Sometimes everything falls into place perfectly with a curious dolphin and clear waters, but it is often difficult to get the perfect shot. When you do finally take the perfect picture it’s an amazing feeling!

On this particular Monday I could see the water was clear so I raced out there as quickly as I could with my camera. I wasn’t expecting the water to be as cold that day, but I was lucky enough to capture this shot. It truly portrays the natural beauty of Bunbury where nature and humans can interact on white sandy beaches.

Looking back on this image makes me feel happy, having this photo to remember this moment is amazing. Dolphins are the most graceful animals and swimming with them in their natural environment is second to none.

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