“I Jumped in and Was Instantly Blown Away by What I Saw”

I went down to Busselton for a weekend away with friends. When we saw that we could snorkel around the jetty we were all pretty excited. We decided to walk to the end of the jetty as we knew there was an aquarium so there would be heaps of fish. It was a long walk to the end and the further we got the more daunting the water became as it got darker and deeper.

When we got to the end of the jetty we found a lower section for divers, where we could access the water and climb back up. After putting on our gear and standing on the edge of the jetty I remember feeling quite anxious, the water was dark and you couldn’t see beneath it.

Once I worked up the courage, I jumped in and was instantly blown away by what I saw. The jetty was full of life. The pillars were full of bright colourful coral and there were huge schools of little fish swimming around everywhere.

This photo captures the remains of the old Busselton jetty before it burnt down. The floor is full of broken jetty remains and the surviving standing pillars are full of colourful coral and life.

I loved every moment of that experience and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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