“We Decided to Explore the Waters of the Reef”

My partner and I decided to go camping along the coast of Ningaloo Station with a few mates. I remember the weather being perfect the day this shot was taken, so we decided to explore the waters of the reef.

As an underwater photographer, I’ve spent a lot of time uncovering Ningaloo. This particular shot was taken on the day I explored my first shipwreck, the Chofuku Maru cargo ship. I had no idea what to expect!

I was quite surprised at how much ground the Chofuku Maru shipwreck actually covered. Whilst I was exploring the structure of the shipwreck, I remember being amazed at how such a horrific situation for many turned out looking so beautiful underwater. The new coral formations growing over the shipwreck were incredible. It’s something I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

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