“I Had the Choice Between a 40km Road Trip or a 25km Beach Drive”

Staying out at Lucky Bay in the Cape Le Grand National Park was pretty incredible.  Every time we needed supplies I had the choice between a 40km road trip or a 25km trip up the beach.  It was a pretty cool way to drive into town every day.

The beach was beautiful with almost nobody around.  What surprised us was half way along the beach to Esperance there was an incredible sand dune area.  The area was opened to 4WDs and we had a lot of fun checking out the tracks.  We drove up some of the big hills and stopped on top where it was great for taking photos. The kids got a real buzz out of running up the huge dunes that barely had a foot print on them.  Just another one of those things that we didn’t find and just stumbled upon whilst we were out looking around.

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