“We Camped and Toasted Marshmallows”

We arrived at Lake Ballard after a two hour road trip from Kalgoorlie.

I’d read about the 51 steel statues created by Anthony Gormley, but I never expected the outdoor installation to be so vast. The statues stretched across the entire salt lake.

I couldn’t believe you could walk around and touch and feel each statue; when this photo was taken I was wandering around taking it all in and thought I’d join them by leaving my footprints in the salt, I really felt like I was experiencing the installation on a personal level.

We stayed and camped at the edge of Lake Ballard that night, setting up a fire and toasting marshmallows. There was something really special about seeing the statues at sunset. We enjoyed a blanket of amazing stars once night fell, it was an incredible experience.

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