“I’ll Never Forget the Picturesque Colour of the Ocean”

This shot was taken just west of Esperance along the coast; I think the locals call it Eleven Mile Beach. My husband and I noticed a little path that looked as though you could 4WD all the way down to the beach. We thought there might be a reason they built the staircase in this picture though, so we decided to walk down it rather than drive along the path.

Apart from one other on the beach that day, we had it all to ourselves. I loved that it was just the two of us it felt so tranquil. The ocean was quite loud and rough that day, but the rock pools were incredibly refreshing and the perfect depth for exploring. I’ll never forget the picturesque colour of the ocean or the feeling of that soft white sand.

This image captures my husband after he had walked down the staircase (which actually curls down quite a few stairs). I’ll always be grateful to the locals who shared this secret spot with us.

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