“It Has Now Become My Favourite Place in the World”

We camped at the Lucky Bay camp ground in Cape Le Grand National park.  It has now become my favourite place in the world, big call I know.  When we first arrived we were met by the friendly kangaroos down on the beach.  These guys just hung out most of the day and night down there and around the camp.  I never saw anyone feed them, they seemed to be feeding on the seaweed and other things that washed up on the beach.

I was surprised at just how friendly they were. My son would go down and hang out with the kangaroos any chance he could get. They would let him pat them and even lay down and sleep on his lap. With the pristine white sand and crystal clear blue water it was our paradise.

Being located out from Esperance it was a very quiet place, you could have whole beaches to yourself. I was taking photos of an amazing sunrise one morning when a kangaroo just came up to me and sat beside me as I photographed the sunrise.  Heaven.  Now I just have to work out when I can come back here.

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