“It Smelt as the Ocean Should, Salty and Sweet. The Whole Experience Was Incredible”

This photo was taken during winter in 2014 about two weeks after I decided to buy a camera and stop using my phone. Kalbarri National Park was a place our family visited often when we were growing up on school holidays. This spot however was unknown to me as it was a spot shared by a local that I met through work at the time.

You need a 4WD to get there and after about fifteen minutes of driving my partner and I arrived at the edge of the cliff where we climbed down to the waters edge. This particular day we found heaps of octopuses and took a couple of them home for dinner.

Before this photo was taken I had a play around with my camera settings and gave the camera to my partner. Then I jumped into the pool, which I remember being cold but refreshing. That’s when this moment was captured. It smelt as the ocean should, salty and sweet. The whole experience was incredible, to have so many rock pools and rock formations to explore without another soul in sight.

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