“It Was like Watching a HD Nat Geo Show Live”

I have walked the track around Cape Naturalist a few times and have always seen the dolphins.  This day the surf was huge and clean and the salmon were also running.  I could see a giant bait ball of salmon on the edge of the rocks so I decided to rock hop down and watch the huge waves and the fish among them.

I noticed the dolphins had pushed the salmon ball into a corner and they looked like they were almost playing with them.  With the waves breaking I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before the dolphins put on a show.  For the next three hours I set up on the rocks watching the waves explode below while the dolphins herded up the salmon.  Then the dolphins began spreading apart and started to catch the waves leaping out the back before they crashed onto the beach.  It was like watching a HD Nat Geo show live.

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