“The Pilot Shrugged and Said, ‘Yeah, I See Them Most Days'”

As a full-time Instagram photographer, I get to see my fair share of amazing places. On this day I was in the Kimberley when I took one of my favourite images to date.

We were on the way to Willie Creek Pearl Farm just outside of Broome when our helicopter pilot mentioned a family of wild horses  known as Brumbies that hang around the area.

Strapped into the helicopter with my camera at the ready I could feel my heart beating and the wind on my face, did I know what I was about to capture?

Then we spotted them! I leaned out and fired, I knew I had one chance to get this right. The noise of the helicopter had reached the Brumbies and they raced off. My camera was trained squarely on the line of running horses so I couldn’t miss. As I took this shot I knew it was the one.

When I babbled all of my thoughts to my pilot afterwards he shrugged and said, “yeah, I see them most days”.

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