“The Sun Was Rising and the Landscape Was Rich with Reds and Oranges”

This photo was taken on my first trip back home to Western Australia after moving to London.

Within four days of landing back home I was in the 4WD with Dad, all I wanted to do was get out into the bush and go camping, fishing and exploring. This photo was shot just outside Mount Augustus on day three of our whirlwind road trip.

The sun was rising and the landscape was rich with reds and oranges, it was truly stunning. These moments were far removed from the London life I had been living only five days ago, a strong reminder of the truly beautiful Perth lifestyle I had once taken for granted.

What this photo doesn’t capture was that we had driven for three days and passed one car. For me this picture is the perfect example of the beauty of the Australian bush, it represents all that I love about Western Australia. A freedom and quality of life others only dream about.

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