“This Ledge Provided the Best View over the Stirling Range”

My girlfriend and I took a trip down to the South West for the ANZAC Day long weekend and based ourselves in Porongurup.  We had checked the forecast for the weekend and made the decision that Saturday would be the ideal time to climb Bluff Knoll.

Our intention for Bluff Knoll was to head up mid afternoon and wait at the summit for the sun to set. We ended up having more time than we thought, so we spent a fair bit of time at a ledge that was approximately 200m before the summit. This ledge provided the best view over the Stirling Range.

We spent a while here taking photos of each other in some spectacular locations. Fortunately for the photos we took, the farmers in the surrounding areas were carrying out burn offs which created a low lying haze at the base of all the other mountains and hills.

When we did reach the summit we were surprised by how much the wind had picked up. We decided we would head back down a couple of hundred metres to the tree line for the sunset pictures we had initially planned to get. It was an incredible experience.

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