“I Remember Thinking How Impossible It Was to Frame the Landscape and Capture the Enormity of It All”

It was quite a warm Wednesday at the Mitchell Plateau. We had been walking for quite some time and had just taken a rest under the shade of some trees. The sky was clear and blue with not a cloud to be seen.

We picked our way across the clear wide flat stream, concentrating on hopping from rock to rock to avoid slipping and falling into the water. We were a couple of meters from the cliff’s edge, not brave enough to go closer and take a look. At the time we didn’t realise how big the fall actually was. It was only once we had crossed and looked back that we realised, seeing the water plummet into the gorge.

I remember thinking how impossible it was to frame the landscape and capture the enormity of it all. We carried on walking shortly after making it to the plateau where we stopped and took a refreshing swim and had our picnic lunch. Afterwards we walked the last little bit, climbing up onto a rock to view the full 4 tiers of the Mitchell Falls. I remember a rainbow being visible in the spray at the final base of the falls. The view was breathtaking.

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In Western Australia the journey really is the destination. For me the south west is a mix of rugged natural landscapes, history and fresh local food. You taste the region, as much as you see it, and this culinary road trip takes in the best of the coast, nature and food from WA's south west.

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