“You Had so Much Space to Yourself and the Water Was Crystal Clear”

I hired a car with two friends and travelled through the Northern Territory and then into Western Australia. We stopped for a few days at Karijini National Park to explore. The day that this photo was taken we had gotten up early and headed towards the natural spa pool. There was nobody else in sight and we had managed to climb over some rocks and into the pool where this photo was taken.

I think what surprised me the most about Karijini is that it looked exactly as I imagined outback Australia to look when I was a kid. The actual pools were even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, you had so much space to yourself and the water was crystal clear.

I knew it was a popular place for backpackers to visit so I thought it would be crowded but it was just the three of us there. This photo captures some of the beauty of Karijini, but it doesn’t show you the diverse landscapes or the variety of different pools and treks you can see there. Looking back on this memory in Karijini makes me feel incredibly happy.

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