Broome & The Kimberley

Discovering areas of untouched wilderness such as stunning gorges, waterfalls cascading into inviting pools, beaches that stretch for miles on end (eighty miles in fact) is an everyday encounter in the North West. Start your journey in Broome and explore the many more natural wonders in this amazing region.

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My Favourite Five Adventures a Short Trip from Broome

Broome is the perfect base for your Kimberley adventure, and a trip up the Dampier Peninsula is the best way to start exploring. Its hidden gems are all within a day’s drive from town. Lorna Hendry has travelled the Kimberley with her family and shares some of the best sites to visit.


Enrich on a Kimberley Cruise

Travel writer Fleur Bainger has experienced expedition cruising in the Kimberley several times. Raft Point, Kings Cascades, Rowley Shoals, you name it, she’s cruised it. Here are some of Fleur’s useful insights into the many options on offer in this spectacular region.

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Broome and the Kimberley in Eight Days

Craig Makepeace is co-founder of, where he and his wife Caroline publish travel tips and personal stories from their travel experiences. They know Broome well, having travelled the area and lived there for six months.

Discovering the Culture of Broome in a Day

Bart Pigram was born and raised in Broome. He belongs to one of Broome’s most famous families, has been involved in revitalising Yawuru culture and language, and now runs Narlijia Cultural Tours. Here he shares his tips for discovering the cultures of Broome in a day.

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