Esperance & The Golden Outback

Wake up to bright blue skies and some of the whitest beaches in all of Australia. Esperance and the Golden Outback is full of gold rush history, fields of native wildflowers and of course the odd kangaroo at Lucky Bay beach. The fresh air and clear skies is just another day in WA.

Real Golden Outback moments

“We Set up Camp under the Light of the Milky Way”

We embarked upon the 400km red earth road to Western Australia’s highest peak, Mt Augustus. We were blessed with a timeless scene; a magnificent view of the world’s largest rock slowly transforming through a medley of reds in the morning light.

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Esperance and The Great Ocean Drive

Esperance packs a coastal punch that’s hard to beat. Add one of the most enchanting stretches of oceanside road you’ll ever set wheels on, and for reasons that will become obvious, Esperance’s Great Ocean Drive will leave you wanting to drive on and on.


The Salt People: Lake Ballard’s Stunning Statues

In a sparse landscape in the WA goldfields, a Turner Prize-winning artist has created one of the world’s most interesting – and isolated – art installations reports Bruce Elder.


On the Road: Exploring Western Australia’s Golden Outback

There’s no better way to experience the eastern half of Western Australia than to drive the fascinating routes that traverse the dramatically beautiful landscape says local area expert and travel writer Bruce Elder.


Australia’s Biggest Rock…and It Isn’t Uluru

Uluru might steal the limelight, but Western Australia has the world’s biggest rock ... and plenty of other extraordinary formations, too explains local area expert Bruce Elder.

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Esperance Explorer From Perth in Ten Days

You’ll find Australia’s most dazzling coastline in Esperance, an eight-hour drive south from Perth. Local resident Dan Paris suggests travelling inland through the Wheatbelt, breaking up the drive with a night in Hopetoun before arriving at the beautiful beaches of Esperance.

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